Friday, 4 November 2016

Friday, 6 May 2016

Brian Art

This is my brain 

My Sketch Of Face

My Sketch Of My Face

Crossing The River

Crossing the river

I heard splash! as a twig from one of the highest tree in the forest like a tall tower in a big city.
I heard the rapids swishing and splashing like waves crashing one by one on a windy day.

I saw big black bad eels playing in the ice cold river
I saw the rapids getting faster and faster like a racing car getting faster and faster  every lap it does.

I felt the slimy stone like oil had been poured along the blanket  of stones.
I felt fearful as I stepped upon the first rock I think what would happen if I fell in the river would lechers nibble my toes?

I wonder what would happen if I fell in and a eel bit my foot would it bleed like a never ending waterfall?
I wonder what it would be like on the other side.

Jumping off the rock

Jumping off the rock.

“Three two one jump” the class were yelling.
I could not do it.
What if I skid and hit the water and got took down by a rapid that was going 20 km per hour.
The longer I stood there the faster and faster the water revved up like a racing car doing laps of an tremendous track.

Suddenly an enormous gust of fresh air came like it was going to bowl me over just when I was about to jump. I lept, ‘boom’ went my heart. The water jumped and I fell.

Slowly the water crawled up my body. My arms were burnt.  The pain throbbed like it would never stop.

Tayla Hook

My book review

This is my book review of the Witches 

Maui and the sun

 This is my spin wheel of Maui and the sun.

How Maui brought fire to the word

This is my flame of how Maui brought fire to the world.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports

I feel awakened like someone has woken me from a deep sleep.
I feel shaky as the horn goes and I dive into the water.
I hear yelling as I start swimming, I think it’s my Mum.
Suddenly I feel frozen , the water is as cold as an iceberg.
I also am heroic as I finish my swim and I find out where I came.
I see the finish line getting closer and closer to me every time I take a breath.
I see that Kate is winning I try hard to pass her, but it is too late she has already won. I come second.
I hear people screaming at the top of their voices, it sounds louder than a helicopter landing.